Informatics 7 Textbook
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Natural science is an exciting and very useful subject. This textbook will show you all the beauty of it and will help you become true explorers. The main aim of this book is to answer the fundamental question: What is science and what is its importance in our life?

Starting from the first pages, you will realize that this textbook is completely different from any other usual textbook full of theoretical passages. Every chapter contains useful information, interesting facts, tasks for individual and group work. You will also learn how to conduct researches and experiments yourselves, search for information, make your own discoveries.

One more valuable feature of this textbook is the language. Every sentence has been carefully chosen so that it is not difficult for you to understand science in English language. Each page contains the translation of all the important terms, both in Kazakh and Russian. This textbook will not only help you improve your English, but it will also make you a part of a big international science community.

Please pay attention to the structure of this textbook. Remember: a textbook is no longer the only source of information in a modern world. With the help of carefully selected tasks, you are going to learn such important skills as critical thinking, problem solving, information analysis, creativity, imagination, teamwork, digital literacy etc.

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